Here's a video tutorial for adding an Events Calendar to your Facebook page, along with how to add/embed it anywhere, like your website.

 It's important to note, this method allows you to embed one event per embed, and not multiple per one snippet of embed code.

To add and embed a Facebook Events Calendar, first switch to using Facebook as page. Do this by clicking the down dark blue triangle v in the upper upper right of Facebook. Now select the page you'd like, and in the top search bar, type events. Select the one that is simply called Events. Now go about creating an event. You can add multiple events.

Now go to the post on your timeline, hover over the upper right of it and click on the down triangle v that appears. Now select Embed Post, change the width to your liking, and copy the Facebook code provided at the top. Now you can paste this into your website. In the example video provided, I've copied it into our Static Html app.