The simplest way to get more likes is by posting relevant and engaging content

User engagement (liking, commenting, sharing) will show up in their friend's newsfeeds, providing the ability for your user's friends to find and like your page. We have a brief tutorial on posting here, and there is a nice article with some examples here.

Getting leads and sales

Promotions, like sweepstakes, contests, and coupons, are among the top drivers of engagement with pages.

You can create a sweepstakes giveaway with our sweepstakes app that's related to your product or services, and use it as the incentive for users to provide their email. The best results occur when you give away something that is relevant to your business, since the people who sign up to enter that contest are the same people interested in your offerings.

To get people to visit your Sweepstakes tab, post your shareable tab url to your Facebook page with an engaging headline and photo, taking care to warmly reply to comments. It can be as simple as making a post that says something like: "What could we do better or what do we do great? One random person who comments on this post today will get free premium upgrades for a year!" Here's an example of what that can look like.