*Landing Tab Best Practices*

1. Timeline

Where to place most important content on your timeline page / landing tab substitutes

Put your landing tab as the first tab after the photos. (How http://support.thunderpenny.com/knowledge_base/topics/tab-position)

Pin your call to action and include a link to your actual landing tab. To pin a status, (A) post your status, then (B) scroll over the status and in the upper right click on the v button, then click "Pin to Top of Page."

Photo tab
Photos is the first tab by default and can't be moved or removed -- to choose what this image is, have your image of choice be the most recently uploaded image.

Cover photo
The cover photo can be used similar to a landing tab. If you have a webpage you're driving traffic to, edit the info of the Cover Photo, add a call to action, and a link to the webpage.

2. Links & Facebook Ads

You can control the landing tab for visitors through:

(A) Links that you control - use the Sharable Url in the app under Settings
(B) Facebook ads, use the same shareable url for as the click destination.