Posting on your Page is the simplest and generally the best way to engage with your fans.

Finding the right content
To find the types of content your audience is interested in, first create a Facebook Profile unconnected to anything. Apparently friends in your list affects your results. After setting up this account with zero friends, click on the top search bar in facebook, and enter: 

1. "Pages liked by people who like [your page]" 

2. "Interests liked by people who like [your page]"

Make a Call to Action Post

Get your fans to take action, such as signing up to an email list:

1. Include a call to action (make it customer value based!), with a link to your email opt in page (use the mobile share url so folks can access on mobile),
2. If your link doesn't auto-fill a compelling photo in the post area, include a photo. For example, a photo of the product or service the email opt in page provides. (You can use a free photo tool like to find and customize images, with or without custom text.)

Pinning a Post - Keeping a Post Evergreen
To pin a status, (1) post your status, then (2) scroll over the status and in the upper right click "Pin to Top." 

Facebook has an official short guide to posting under "Page Publishing" here.