Here's our short video tutorial on using our Website app. :D


Since Facebook has a thing for needing to ensure all of the data it hosts is secure, that means *Everything* on Facebook needs to be securely hosted. Including websites piped in through third party apps like Thunderpenny...So our free website app is for websites that are securely hosted. Meaning they have an SSL certificate.


Alright enough with the prereqs. Let’s do this!


Go ahead and open up the Website app. Make sure “Use Compatibility Proxy” is turned off.

Go to the webpage you want to use, making sure to use the secure web address — As in and not :)

The https and green lock icon in the url area of the Google Chrome browser in this video signify this webpage is securely hosted, meaing this website has a secure SSL certificate and is ready to party.

Now let's copy and paste your secure web address into the web address area in the app.

Check to see if your page looks nice — Click on manual to customize the dimensions of your page.

Now click save. And view on Facebook.

Wahoo! That three hour tour wasn't so bad after all.